2 out of 3 South Carolina adults are overweight or obese.

The economic cost of obesity in South Carolina is estimated to be $8.5 billion per year and growing.

More than 30% of South Carolina high school students are overweight or obese.

1 in 3 low-income children ages 2 – 5 years old are overweight or obese in South Carolina.

Our Mission

SCaledown.org is the place to educate, engage and mobilize partners to help make the healthy choice the easy choice for South Carolinians. This site houses the South Carolina Obesity Action Plan, a tactical plan that aims to build on the success of previous efforts and offers new strategies to reduce obesity rates in the Palmetto State.

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Our Goals

Our comprehensive plan includes multiple goals to accomplish over the years and two are listed below. Be sure to check back to see updates on our progress.

By October 2014, all 16 of the Governor’s cabinet agencies will have completed comprehensive worksite wellness assessments.

By October 2015, increase the number of schools and physicians participating in the Docs Adopt School Health Initiative to at least 200 schools and 125 physicians.

Our Partners

The SCale Down Initiative involves nearly 100 partners from across South Carolina representing academia, health care, non-profits, government, philanthropy and the business community. The organizations and agencies listed below reflect those actively engaged in SCale Down teams and workgroups. Because of the efforts of these dedicated partners, impressive progress is being made in achieving the diverse objectives of the Obesity Action Plan. Special thanks to the representatives of these organizations for their work to reduce the burden of obesity in our state!